Collection Policy

Policy Statement

This document describes the policies governing the acquisition, curation, and management of materials in York University Digital Library. These include digital objects created by YUL and published digital objects that require local hosting and rights management. York University Digital Library makes available collections that support research and scholarship according to the needs of the York University Digital Library Designated Community and in accordance with its Digital Preservation Strategic Plan.

Selection Criteria

For inclusion within York University Digital Library, objects must meet all Level One criteria and a consideration of Level Two criteria.

Level One criteria cover objective standards such as copyright, extent, and format issue.

Each item must:

  • Be in the public domain, or have documented, non-revocable permission granted by the copyright holder.
  • Be intended for non-commercial public viewing, and educational/research and use.
  • Be complete, such as an entire publication, article, etc., and not a "part" such as an abstract, forward, or title page
  • Meet the standards required for long-term digital curation, as described by documentation of York University Digital Library content types
  • Be in a standard format accessible through current file viewers or have a documented conversion path to move the format into a standard format
  • Be intended for permanent storage in York University Digital Library
  • With the exception of self-archiving of published works, items must be unique or novel, a similar or identical digital object should not already exist
  • Strive to meet accessibility standards as described by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Level Two criteria cover subjective elements requiring review, assessment, and the professional judgement of the Digital Initiatives Advisory Group in collaboration with subject experts. As an initial consideration and overarching principle, requests should fit within the mandate of YUL's general collection policy, including that of YorkSpace. Materials should also have broad and enduring value, as opposed to, for example, course-specific materials better housed elsewhere or material for which the demand does not go beyond specific or one-time usage. Research and/or administrative value is defined both locally and globally, with local (provincial and national) as a priority. Added value components acting as part of the consideration include degree of integration in an online environment, intellectual control (metadata), improvement of resource sharing, and enhancement of access. Finally, a request may receive merit based on its potential as a strategic opportunity, whether in teaching and learning or partnership and collaboration.

Retention and Evaluation

All objects included in York University Digital Library are intended to be retained permanently upon acceptance into York University Digital Library. York University Digital Library will not be used as a temporary storage facility for digital items.


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