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Woodbine Racetrack : Old Woodbine Racetrack
Yorkville village
TTC : Subway opening : VIP train
TTC : Subway opening : Opening ceremonies : no. 2
Mariposa Festival
Boats, H.M.C.S. "Burlington"
Woodbine Racetrack : closing day
Boat, "Cayuga" : first sailing
John Lennon and Yoko Ono walking togetherᅠ; Lennon is looking behind.
York University : Glendon College panel discussion, proposed boycott of registration discussed
Beatles [not used]
H.M.C.S. "Burlington" dedicated
York University : convocation : not used
Mynah Bird : Topless Folk Singer, Wyche
Mrs. Roy Abrahamson : author
Yoko Ono and John Lennon seated together [at King Edward Hotel].
S.S. "Cayuga" : refitted for passenger service
Boat, "Cayuga" : crash
Woodbine Racetrack : closing day
Elvis Presley : at Buffalo and Toronto : No 2
York University : opening of new tennis courts
TTC : Opening day of subway : People in stations, riding cars etc. : no. 2
Bo Diddley : Musician