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Story of Leaside
Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
Diary #1, 31 December 1915 - 18 December 1916
100: Greek Comunity of Toronto centennial anniversary 1909-2009: community history
Timeline: Greek Community of Toronto 1909-2009 Women's Issues 1994-2009 : Department of Women's Studies
Flyer advertising screening of documentary "Greece: Seven Black Years"
Flyer for event organized by Greek Students Association of York University
The mutiny of the Elsinore
Letter to George Papadatos from Hellenic Student Association of U.W.O.
Analysis of the events leading up to the November Uprising and its aftermath at the Athens Polytechnic in 1973
Statutes of Ontario = Lois de l'Ontario (1981)
A page of the history of the schools in Manitoba during 75 years