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Newsmakers - Dr. R.S. Mendelsohn
Armistice Day : Kids playing in Phillips Square
Food : The Dinner Party : Taken at Julies Tavern
Fludd : Music Group [not used]
Armistice Day : Toronto Garrison Artillery [Not Used]
Greek Groups : Protest Arrival of Greek King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie
Architecture Bldg. : Open House [not used]
Forest Hill Road : Sigmund Samuel home to be residence of Lt. Gov.
Elm Ave.
Election : Federal : Trudeau supporters [not used]
Elections : Downtown HQTS of Libs and P.C.'s [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants at Union Station [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Toronto Island : Winter sports
Immigrants : Italian arrivals at Union Station [not used]
Immigrants : Italian family [not used]
Immigrants : Big Italian family arrives at Malton [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
819 Pape Ave. : Armed robbery [not used]
Greek Groups : Achaian Society masquerade
Greek Groups : Easter
Greek Groups : Dancers at City Hall [not used]
Greek Groups : Greek Independence celebrated by Toronto Greeks
Greek Groups : Anniversary of Greek Independence Day
Danforth Ave. : At Woodycrest crosswalk [not used]
Wieland Joyce : Artist [not used]
Isaacs Gallery : Joyce Wieland show
Whalen Charles Mrs. : Claustrophobia Victim
St. Laurent Louis Prime Minister : Touring Regent Park and : Belle Manor Apartments
Whalen Charles : & Sister : Brother and sister reunited