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Malton, Ont. : Aerials of explosion and fire
Siya Princess : Belly dancer
Abortion laws : Protest : Picketers at subway station
Image of Celia Franca and her husband, James Morton, at a piano in their home.
Image of Celia Franca working from her desk at home.
Two men in costume, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, at The Achaian Society's third annual masquerade ball.
Progressive Conservative leadership convention : Nine contenders
Ronnie Hawkins : entertainer
Bo Diddley : Guitarist [used neg not received]
Bo Diddley : Musician
Bo Diddley : Musician
Ronnie Hawkins : entertainer
Bo Diddley : [not used]
Ronnie Hawkins : Entertainer
Armistice Day Parade [not used]
Carabana at City Hall
Image of Simpson's Christmas window on Queen Street, Toronto.