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The Regional Municipality of York : recreational areas
Sanitary sewer system : study map of Point Edward planning area
Town of Burlington : industries 1968
Toronto Transportation Commission route map:  August 31, 1921
Geographic names of Renfew County
Canada showing location of Indian bands with linguistic affiliations, 1965
The planning challenge of the Ottawa area : pattern of land ownership in Carleton County outside the greenbelt and in the western parts of Russell County
Results, federal election June 25 1968
Ontario, discontinued hydrometric stations
Chart of the World showing New Route through Canada between England, China, Japan, Australasia and the East. By J. Johnston. Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada, 1886.
Mappe-Monde Planispherique Physique et Hydrographique
The World Illustrating the Principal Features of Meteorology; The World Showing the Distribution and Limits of Cultivation of the Principal Plants Useful to Mankind
Chart of Isothermal Lines, Shewing the mean annual Temperature of the Different parte of the Earth's Surface [1846]
Highway and tourist map of the province of Québec, 1931 (front)
Highway and tourist map of the province of Québec, 1931 (back)
Highway and tourist map of the province of Québec, 1929
Province of Québec 1959 main communications network
Mineral map of the province of Québec
Wolf research study area, Algonquin Provincial Park 1959-65
Map No 47a showing the Algonquin Provincial Park in the District of Nipissing and the County of Haliburton [1947]
Location of dams on principal watersheds [Ontario, South]
Location of dams on principal watersheds [Ontario, North]
Map shewing the general northern limits of the principal forest trees of the Dominion of Canada
Map shewing approximate route of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and connections
Map showing location and designation of Indian reserves in the North West Territories and the province of Quebec
Complete map of the Dominion by electoral districts, Map 2
Circonscriptions électorales fédérales 1966 [Canada] : selon la Loi sur la révision des limites des circonscriptions électorales a l’égard de Recensement décennal de 1961
Résultats, élections fédérales 25 juin 1968
Distribution of population, Canada, 1961 = Répartition de la population, Canada, 1961
General map of the United States : showing the area and extent of the free & slave-holding states, and the territories of the union.