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Lawrence and Kelle Streets : gas leak
Bohemian Embassy : Poets reading to English teachers
Harold Town : Exhibition at Jerrold Morris Gallery
Bohemian Embassy
Rugby : Argos and Calgary
Robertson Davies
Royal tour : Toronto : at Parliament buildings. : Lt. Governor's dinner, etc.
Lester Pearson : Massey Hall meeting
Greek Groups : Toronto Greek Community Annual Ball
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
CNE : Waterski show
Vietnam war demonstrations : Parade to city hall
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Gambling : Slot machines & pin ball machines
Lakeshore Road : motels
Mariposa Folk Festival
Taxi drivers : protest license increase by forming motorcade to Queen's Park
Rochdale College : Disturbance at Rochdale College
Malton New Woodbine Racetack : Queens Plate
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts : Model
Wayne Ford : Preliminary trial capital murder charge : also witness, Ron Walli
Lothian Mews
Toronto Streets : Lewis Street Beavis Brothers Building etc.
Racial segregation : Meeting re. Weston apartheit speech
Markham Street : village festival of arts
Malton New Woodbine Racetack : Queens Plate
St. Lawrence Market : Re Old City Hall
Kingston, Ont. : Kingston Penitentiary
Melinda Street : buildings Jordan to Yonge : north side