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Plan of the main part of Collingwood
Plan of North half of village of Oil Springs
Plan of Mildmay, township of Carrick
Plan of the Village of Dutton
Unoccupied city owned lands
Plan of town of Fergus
Plan of the village of Grand Valley
Village of Highgate
Town of Essex
Plan of the Town of Harrow, County of Essex, Ontario
Plan of the Town of Niagara
Map of the village of Elora, Wellington
New Iroquois plan of subdivision
Plan of the Town of Port Dover, County of Norfolk
Village of Port Burwell : incorporated under by law 1526, Co. of Elgin, on January 1st 1949.
Revised plan of Penetanguishene, Ontario
Village of Port Stanley
Town of Simcoe
Plan of all lands in Reg'd Plans 23 & 215 and part of lots 5 & 6 - Conc. 18 and part of Lot 6 - Conc. 17 in the Township of South Plantagenet and part of Lot 24 - Conc. 10 in the Township of Caledonia, County of Prescott
Plan of the Town of Tecumseh, County of Essex, Ontario
Village of Sundridge : lots 21-25, concession 10, Township of Strong
Victoria Square
Plan of the Town of Carleton Place
Corporation plan of the Town of Wiarton in the County of Bruce
Plan of the village of Alvinston : shewing the position of the Corporation lands
Carleton and Russell, with a correct map of the City of Ottawa
Plan of the City and liberties of Kingston delineating severally the wards and lots, with the streets, wharves and principal buildings
Route map of parts of the Moose River tributaries, districts of Algoma, Sudbury, & Nipissing
Town plot Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island
Plan and field notes of subdivision of part of east half of north half of lot no. 1 consession 6. Township of Kerns, District of Nipissing