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The State of the National initiative on Prevention through design: Progress Report 2014
Jobs for Tomorrow: Canada’s Building Trades and Net Zero Emissions
Lessons from Previous Coal Transitions:  High-level Summary for Decision-makers
Greening of industries in the EU: Anticipating and managing the effects on quantity and quality of jobs
Industrial relations and sustainability: the role of social partners in the transition towards a green economy
Jobs in a clean energy future
Work in a changing climate: The Green Initiative: Report of the Director-General
Climate Change White Paper
Extracted Carbon: Re-examining Canada’s Contribution to Climate Change through Fossil Fuel Export
Resolutions to Unifor’s 2nd Convention August 22-26, 2016, Ottawa, ON
Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta: Conference Summary
Greenprint for Greater Toronto: Working Together for Climate Action
Job Growth in Clean Energy: Employment in Alberta’s emerging renewables and energy efficiency sectors
Decarbonizing Transportation in Canada
Just Transition For Workers During Environmental Change
Green Jobs for Tomorrow: Submission to the Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation
Positioning Canada’s Electricity Sector in a  Carbon Constrained Future
Just transition and Energy Democracy: a civil service trade union perspective
Don't Delay: Methane Emission Restrictions Mean Immediate Jobs in Alberta
Healthy Environment, Healthy Canadians, Healthy Economy: Strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium-and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles - Phase 2
The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act 1990 to 2010
Green Infrastructure and the Sustainable Communities Initiative
Final Environmental Impact Statement, Phase 2 Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles, Model Y
Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower: Report to Congress
Global Anthropogenic Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 1990 - 2030
The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act, 1970 to 1990
Planning Framework for a Climate-resilient Economy
Office of Atmospheric Protection. Climate Protection Partnerships. Annual Report 2014