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Kilburn Weldon and wife : wedding former Lois Marshall
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts : Oficial opening
Mariposa Festival
CNE : Night rides
Mariposa Folk Festival - Talent Auditions
Labour Day & parade pictures
Lakeshore Boulevard : Dominion Rubber Co. building wrecked
Ian Tyson : Folk music singer
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Mariposa Festival Maple Leaf Stadium
St. Lawrence Market
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
CNE : Waterski show
Floyd Chalmers : Retiring president of Maclean-Hunter Ltd.
Rugby : Toronto Argos walking down ramp to dressing room
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
Mariposa Festival Maple Leaf Stadium
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Bloor and Yonge : Robbery [Not Used]
Banks : Robbery : [Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce]  : Overbrook Pl. & Elder Sts.
Portuguese Consulate
Argentina Public School : Centennial Musical [not used].
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce] : 199 Yonge Street : Attempted Robbery
Armistice Day : City Cenotaph Service : Used Negs. Nicked Twice
Royal Bank of Canada : St. Clair : Hold up [not used]
Portuguese Protest Meeting After Cop Murdered Boy
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce] : St. Clair and Vaughan Road : Holdup [Not Used]