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Gillespie Dizzy
Jerrold Morris International Gallery : Walter Yarwood sculpture
Siya Princess : Belly dancer
Isaacs Gallery : Joyce Wieland show
University Ave. Hands off Trinidad group picket U.S. Consulate.
University Ave. Vietnam protest outside U.S. Embassy.
University Ave. U.S. Consulate. Picketers support American Foreighn Policy.
University Ave. U.S. Consulate. Students demonstrate in support of Selma Negros.
Pike Cathy : Forest Hill C. I. [not used]
Beverage room : Used neg nicked twice
Yarwood Walter
Papalia John
Shulman M. Dr. : Coroner
Shulman M. Dr.. [NOT USED]
Shulman Morton Dr. : East General Hospital inquest
Shulman M. Dr. : Coroner [NOT USED]
Shulman Morton at morgue. [NOT USED]
Shulman Morton Dr. Royal Commission [NOT USED]
Shulman Mort Dr. & Wife
Del Zotto Elio. Candidate.
Cadillac Contracting and Developments
Developers Meeting. [NOT USED]
Papalia. John : Assault Charge.
Papalia John Angelo.
Papalia. John : Copy Police Pix [not used]
Dawe James. Construction Industry Threats
Horses : Mona Bell
Horses : Sweepden
Horses : Goldlure
Horses: Cease Fire