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Partie orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada
Carte du cours du fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis la mer jusqu'a Quebec, en deux feuilles. 2e. feuille, 1761
Kingston, Ontario : colour photomap
Kingston, Ontario : experimental photo map
Kingston composite map
Four men at the sod turning left to right: Murray Ross, Robert Winters, Leslie Frost and John Proctor.
Carte du cours du fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'a la mer en deux feuilles. 1re. feuille depuis Quebec jusqu'a Matane et Rivere des Outardes, 1761
Protests, 1984-1998
Protests, 1984-1996
Elvis Presley : [copy] [not used]
Official plan of the planning area, Town of Orangeville
Toronto Air Views. Sherbourne Street. Ont. Cancer Institute
Ontario and Howard Sts. Apartment House To Be Built
Ontario Street Rooming House
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 1 of 4
Chan family videos : Chinese new year preparations
Chan family videos : Virden Cafe sign
Chan family videos : Stan marching with a tuba is in his Virden Band uniform
Chan family videos : bathroom mirror selfie
Chan family videos : Acting out play titled Fun with Toy
Chan family videos :  Christmas turkey dinner
Chan family videos : Cleaning up
Chan family videos : Opening presents and playing
Chan family videos : Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message
Chan family videos : House with Christmas decorations
Chan family videos : RCMP dinner at Virden Café
Chan family videos : Christmas 1962 sign
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 4 of 4