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[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, January 1st, 1949
Plan of the city of Toronto [1921]
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1945]
Map of the City of Ottawa and vicinity
Map showing the colonization roads built and maintained under the supervision of the Commissioner of Crown Lands from 1857 to 1910 as compared with the roads of the present time / in and surrounding the Algonquin Provincial Park in the province of Ontario
Federal district plan [National Capital Region]
[Map of Ontario showing railways]
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1901]
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, 1st January, 1960
[Toronto harbour] : condition plan, 1st January, 1950
Schomberg, Lloydtown & area, Township of King
City of Toronto [East]
[City of Toronto buildings : constructed, under construction and projected]
Village of Stouffville planning area
The Village of Thedford, County of Lambton
The Corporation of the Village of Wheatley, County of Kent, Ontario
Whitby map [front]
House numbering plan, town of Wingham Ontario
A plan of the village of Woodbridge in the County of York
Map of the city of Woodstock
Village of Millbrook
[Metropolitan Toronto]
Mimico Creek watershed
Highland Creek watershed
Town of Petrolia
Metropolitan plan of the Metropolitan Toronto planning area : land use plan : map II
The Metropolitan Toronto planning area [1960]
The Metropolitan Toronto planning area [1966]
"Urbanizing regions" [Toronto central area]