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Racehorses : Exterminator with pony companion, Peanuts
Racehorses : Canadian Champ
Racehorses : Canadian Champ and Kitten.
Racehorses : Bonne Vitesse
Racehorses : Epic.
Racehorses : Chatty Cavalier in the Plate Trial Stakes.
Racehorses : Hidden Treasure
Racehorses : Coral Key
Racehorses : Brockton Boy
Racehorses : Burnt Roman
Racehorses : Budpath
Racehorses : Bunty Lawless
Racehorses : Bulpamiru and Toronto Boy
Construction worker walking on high steel
Three young war guests brought to an Oakville "duration" school
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Construction worker excavating tunnel using drill (possibly air spade) on Sagenay St, North York, for story on work safety
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Five-year-old twins sat close together on the station bench, holding their coats and each other's hands
"Here, a group of New Canadians from Italy and Greece get a warm, affectionate greeting to Toronto…"
Refugees from Holland and Belgium arrive in London this morning after being bombed
British war guests arriving in Toronto
Two fathers carry their sons in almost identical manner