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Peter Rindisbacher - Red River Settlement c. 1821
Irrigation ditch in Taber
5 miles east of Pincher Creek
Planning a new farmstead
Alberta [North]
Alberta [South]
Province of Alberta, Canada : resources and development
Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia : showing oil and gas fields and oil and gas discoveries
Alberta : showing oil and gas fields and potential oil and gas areas
Map of Edmonton district, Alberta
Map of Alberta
Map showing wooded and prairie tracts in part of northern Alberta and portions of the districts of Assiniboia and Saskatchewan, North West Territory
Bow River basin above Calgary
Cereal map of Alberta Southern, showing acreage under crop in each township in wheat, oats, barley and flax during 1915
Map of a portion of Alberta shewing lands for sale by the Canadian Pacific Railway Co
The story of the big ditch
The story of the big ditch