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Chan family videos : Chinese new year preparations
Town of Dundas : zoning map
Official plan map no 1 : the London and suburban planning area in the County of Middlesex
Chan family videos : Opening presents and playing
London airport areas of high noise level
Plan of Mildmay, township of Carrick
Circonscriptions électorales fédérales 1966 [Canada] : selon la Loi sur la révision des limites des circonscriptions électorales a l’égard de Recensement décennal de 1961
Hamilton military town plan : street index
Distribution of population, Canada, 1961 = Répartition de la population, Canada, 1961
London traffic study - 1963 : origin - destination zone plan
Kingston, Ontario : colour photomap
Niagara Falls military town plan
Jabbar family videos : America/Canada Visit Sep 89 Family Video : part 2 of 4
Plan of the Village of Dutton
Diagram of portions of Forest Hill, North Toronto and North York areas
Canada showing location of Indian bands with linguistic affiliations, 1968
Centennial map : Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 3 of 4
Plan showing the town of Dundas
[Existing and proposed major thoroughfares shown on official plan map no. 1, London]