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Cats : Peggy Lamb with Persian, Fluffy. Siamese Kittens in Bowl.
Chinchilla Show [not used]
Cow : Brampton Belle Beacon Champion Jersey Cow : Taken by Bill Foote
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Cat [not used]
Cheetahs. [not used]
Deer : At Haffey Conservation Area [not used]
Animals : Cats [not used]
Cats : Siamese Cats Belonging to Mrs. M. Elliott
Cat : Owned by Thompson Family on Steeles Ave. Scarboro
Cheetah [copy] [not used]
Cat : Fell 14 Stories : Unhurt. [not used]
Cow : Day Old Calf Weighs 151lbs : Taken by Russell Cooper
Cat : Kittens and Dog Belonging to Mrs. Harry Brooks, Cooksville [not used]
Deer [not used]
Cat [copy]
Cow : Ethelmere Ada's Snowball : Owned by Charles Burns
Cats : Kittens at Humane Society
Deer : Riverdale Zoo : Deer in the Snow
Cougar : Having Teeth Fixed [not used]
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Cow [not used]
Cows : Duncan, Bartley and Mary Bull with Jersey Cow. Janet Ball with Ayrshire Calf
Cattle : Charolais Cattle at Farm of A.L. Skaith
Cattle : Escaped from Overturned Truck. HWY 401 near 27
Chimpanzee Kokomo : Riding Trike
Flower : African Violet [not used]
Cat : Cat Wearing Coat Made by Yonge Street Tailor Shop
Cats : Siamese Cats [not used]
Cattle [not used]