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Chinchilla Show [not used]
Cat : Owned by Thompson Family on Steeles Ave. Scarboro
Cat : Fell 14 Stories : Unhurt. [not used]
Cat [copy]
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Cow [not used]
Cattle : Escaped from Overturned Truck. HWY 401 near 27
Cats : Siamese Cats [not used]
Chimp : Heidi [not used]
Animals : Cat With Kittens
Cat : Persian Cat Owned by Harry Shearer [copy]
Greek Groups : A.H.E.P.A. Convention : Nick Andromidas, Charles Dekis, Mrs. Kathie Louros, Mrs. Kai Cheeseman
Allan Fleming : Executive art director at MacLarens advertising co.
U. of T. : March on Massey
Labour Day and parade pictures
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
Expo '67
Malton New Woodbine Racetack : Queens Plate
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Mariposa Festival Maple Leaf Stadium
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
CNE : Kids
Lois Marshall : Queen's dinner at Ottawa
Lakeshore Road : at Queen's Quay traffic
Unveiling of new Waterfront Project [Metro Centre] [at] Royal York.
Mariposa Folk Festival
Ryerson Institute : Kerr Hall
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Toronto Zionist Council : Moderator of United Church of Canada addressing Council
George Chuvalo boxer