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Moccasins and beaded medallions
Ozaki family videos : Fun in the Sun
Ozaki family videos : Birthdays
Ozaki family videos : Winter 1968
Ozaki family videos : Canada Day Centennial Parade and Party
George Rickey - "Four Squares in a Square"
George Rickey - "Four Squares in a Square"
Founders College Residence
Founder's College : residence & academic courtyard
York University
Founders College Dining Hall
Looking west from Vanier Residence - Farquharson Life Sciences and Steacie Science Library on left. Tait McKenzie Physical Education and Athletic Centre on right - note absence of Egdeley buildings
View from Vanier Tower looking south west
Farquharson Life Sciences building
Lo family videos : backyard harvest
Lo family videos : twins giving a tour of the house
Lo family videos : Christmas : part 4 of 4
Lo family videos : Christmas : part 1 of 4
Valcin family videos : Montreal snow storm
Chan family videos : Cleaning up
Two Inuit Women Throat Singing
Aerial view of N. York district