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Sketch of Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair & part of Lakes Huron & Ontario intended to shew the extravagant claims to lands in the District of Hesse
Carte du Canada et des terres decouvertes vers le lac d'Erié
Canada [1967-A]
Canada [1960]
[Ontario base map]
Northwest Territories : settlements and trading posts
Map of Manitoba showing areas populated by Indians and Metis
Map of part of the Valley of Red River north of the 49th parallel
The official plan for the City of London planning area
[Map showing Southeastern Saskatchewan]
Plan of the Harbour of Toronto with a proposed town and settlement 1788
Village of Sutton, County of York [1:4,800]
Village of Sutton, County of York [1:7,200]
Village of Sutton, County of York [1:12,000]
Base map [Vaughan Township]
Toronto Island, Ontario [West]
Toronto Island, Ontario [East]
City of Toronto and liberties
Canada [1962]
[Toronto Island outline]
[Metro Toronto region base map (with 1956 rural land use outline)]
[Base map of area adjacent to West Metro Toronto (shows International Airport)]
[Metro Toronto region base map (1958 land use outline)]
[Metro Toronto base map]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1966]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1961]
Toronto Transportation Commission : route map showing normal routing of Toronto Railway Co. & Toronto Civic Rly. as on Aug 31st
The Hudson Bay railway : plan showing proposed locations from the PAS mission to Hudson Bay
Cessions from the Indians on the north shore of Lake Ontario - 1784, 1787 and 1788
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1951]