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North American Indian Travelling College performance
Two First Nations women basket weaving
Bobby Woods with Mariposan
Moccasins and beaded medallions
Inuit man performing with Drum Dancers
Akalisie Novalinga performing in the Native Peoples Area
Two First Nations men making snowshoes
Willie Dunn carving
First Nations children from Abeenojig Dance Group in regalia
Martha James and one First Nations woman weaving
Paul Ritchie playing guitar
Headshot of Bobby Woods
Five First Nations men performing around the big drum
Two Inuit Women Throat Singing
Three Indigenous youth dancing in gymnasium
Armistice Day : Peaceniks Protest
Armistice Day : Kids playing in Phillips Square
Armistice Day : Browne Negs : City Hall Cenotaph : Silver Cross Mothers at Old City Hall etc.
Hamilton, Ont. : Rock garden
Hamilton, Ont. : Highland Games and Tattoo staged by Scottish clans and societies
Hamilton, Ont. : Can. Music League festival
Hamilton, Ont. : Air pollution detector [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Fire [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Camera trap set up in Robinson Cone Co. [copy]
Hamilton, Ont. : Can. Bank of Commerce, York and Queen : Hold up
Hamilton, Ont. : Memorial service for victims of maritime central plane crash
Hamilton, Ont. : Metro Toronto playground leaders course
Hamilton, Ont. : Old cars [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Picketers outside committee rooms of Russell Reinke [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Cerebral palsy clinic opened [not used]