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Mariposa Folk Festival 1973 program
Boogies, Foxtrots and Two Steps
Biculturalisim in Folklore with Chris Rawlings
Concert: Angele Arsenault  and Les Danseurs du St. Laurent
Concert: Charlie Chin
The Travelling People by Margaret Christl
Bread and Roses
J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psaraisis Concert
When Does it Become a Folk Song?
Instruments as Voice substitutes with Mike Seeger
Concert: Boys of the Lough
Folk Fun and Games for Children of all Ages
Dobro and slide guitar
Workshop : Slide Guitar with John Hammond and Dave Essig
Workshop : Islamic Music
Folk Concert : Chris Rawlings
Folksong Accompaniment
Workshop : Islamic Music
Monologues, Tales and Recitations
Concert: Robbie McNeill
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
University of Toronto: Chinese Instrumental Group
Making Music Middle Eastern Style
The Banks of Ero by Margaret Christl
Evelyn Home by Margaret Christl and The Ballad of Knocking Nellie by David Jones.