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Bleeding to Life
Simulacra, by Steve Hudak
Across the Unseen Sea, by Tereza Stehlíková
Dinner for Deep Surface Divers, by Tereza Stehlíková
Desierto (Desert), by Regina José Galindo
X, by Rebecca Belmore
Buried Traces, by Michelle Smith
Ati-atihan: Mother of Philippine Festivals, by Patrick Alcedo
Borders, by Alexandra Gelis
One Dollar Click, by Alexandra Gelis
A Silence Full of Things, by Alejandra Canales
Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs?, by Pam Patterson
D'Arcy Island, an installation by Don Gill
Private View, performance by A2
RE:FORM, by Joseph Medaglia
Suspended, by Joan Kaufman. Houdini and the Red Suspenders
Suspended, by Joan Kaufman. Fly in a Jar on a Wire.
CAML members reflect... Suzanne Meyers-Sawa, Christiane Melancon, Jan Guise, Rob VanderBliek, Cathy Martin
CAML members reflect... Carolyn Doi, Rachel Gagnon, Brian McMillan
CAML members reflect… Brenda Muir, Peter Higham, Joan McGorman, Lisa Philpot
Typesetting and galley production workshop
Musical Totem