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Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events and figures by Domingos Marques and others for Comunidade
University Ave. Demonstration at U.S. Consulate Re Dominican Reublic.
Reception for Andreas Papandreou
Poster - York University -1972 – November Greek Freedom Week – organized by “Students for a Free Greece”
Flyer for event in remembrance of Polytechnic student revolt held at Titania Music Hall
Flyer for event in remembrance of Polytechnic student revolt
Fight to liberate Greece - P.A.K.
Flyer regarding Polytechnic student revolt from early 1980s
"In Memory of the Students Who Fell Victims to the Terror of the Military Junta!"
Commemoration of the events of the Greek Polytechnical School organized by the Hellenic Stud. Assoc. of U.W.O.
Greek Freedom Week
Images of Modern Greece March 1-28 1980
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
Portrait of young man (David C. McInnis?)
Portrait of Edgar Wardwell McInnis
Photographs of public events, speeches, activities on Parliament Hill, in local constituency, overseas for personal newsletter
Lilienstein, Lois
Lilienstein, Lois
Photograph of three women and baby