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Physical Plant Workshops Building
D.I.A.R. Studio in Stedman Lecture Halls
Lo family videos : backyard harvest
York Lanes (shops), 1985-1989
York University
Truong/Tram family videos : Muny : baby shower : Ngày Đầy Tháng
Chan family videos : Acting out play titled Fun with Toy
Chan family videos :  Christmas turkey dinner
Benzaine family videos : La Ronde
Chan family videos : Chinese new year preparations
Chan family videos : bathroom mirror selfie
Chan family videos : Virden Cafe sign
Interviews for "Voices from the Odeyak"
Interviews for "Voices from the Odeyak"
Petermann: Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-Amerika in 6 Blattern, Bl. 2 Stieler's Hand-Atlas No. 82. 1873.
Partie de l'Amérique septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada
Akalisie Novalinga performing in the Native Peoples Area
Inuit man performing with Drum Dancers
Moccasins and beaded medallions
Isaac family videos : Sacré-Cœur Christmas concert
George Rickey - "Four Squares in a Square"
George Rickey - "Four Squares in a Square"
Founders College Residence
Founder's College : residence & academic courtyard
York University
Founders College Dining Hall