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Apartment block construction among old housing on Kennedy Street
Row housing on Hargrave Street
Terrace housing opposite Central Park
[Tenement] building
Residence [near] Main [Street] and Rupert [Avenue]
Two houses and an apartment building, Winnipeg
Brick [house] [near] George Avenue and Lily Street with the veneer removed
Terrace housing on Toronto Street
Apartment building on Edmonton Street, south of St. Mary Avenue
[Ashdown House]
Row residences [near the Winnipeg Transfer Railway]
[Apartment] house near the General Hospital
Tenement building [undergoing demolition]
Apartment buildings and storefronts at Carlton Street and Graham Avenue
Assiniboine River at Eastgate, Winnipeg - 1999
Old apartment building on Broadway
Old apartment building on Broadway
[1905-built] apartment house in a Winnipeg slum