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St. James the Assiniboine Anglican Church, the oldest in the Winnipeg area
[Old St. Mary's Church]
St. Boniface [Cathedral] Across Red [River]
Grey Nuns Residence, St. Boniface
Grey Nuns, St. Boniface
Greek Orthodox church
First Mennonite Church of Winnipeg, at Alverstone Street and Notre Dame Avenue
Steeple of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Angled view of a German Baptist church, Alexander Avenue
Grey Nuns, St. Boniface
[Église du Précieux Sang/Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church], St. Boniface
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Entrance to St. Francis Monastery at Old St. Mary's Church
Angled view of back of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
The first synagogue in Winnipeg, on Martha Street and Henry Avenue
St. James Church, the oldest church in Winnipeg
Angled view of the side of St. Francis Monastery at Old St. Mary's Church
Convent - Frontenac Hotel
Cathedral, St. Boniface
Old synagogue in the North End
Hall at old St. Mary's Academy
Winnipeg Higgins [Avenue]
Entrance to [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Louis Riel's Grave, Winnipeg
St. Boniface Cathedral/Basilica
Archbishop's Palace, St. Boniface
[1874-built] Old St. Mary's Church