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Partie de l'Amérique septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada
Map of the Province of Canada from Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence corrected from information obtained by the Geological Survey under the Direction of Sir W.B. Logan and prepared for the Canadian Directory. Thos. C. Keefer
United States. Published by D. Lizars, Edinburgh. [c1831]
Territory of Minnesota by Prof. H.D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston. 1857.
A New Map of the United States of America from the Latest Authorities, by John Cary, Engraver. 1806.
Québec [North]
The World on Mercator's Projection by James Wyld, geographer to the Queen. 1843.
North America by Keith Johnston [c1861]
Québec: census divisions, 1966 census
Map of the province of Québec [shows timber reserves licenses]
Mining activities north of 50th parallel
Proposed C.N.R. yard and access lines
Geological map of the Dominion of Canada [1909]
Map of Ottawa
Québec [1962]