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Press Conference with the Beatles and interview with owners of Malabar Costume Company
Newsmakers - Dr. R.S. Mendelsohn
May Day and the Moon (audio)
SJT noise
Soundscape for Transitions in Progress Gallery Installation
Archibald MacLeish Scott Library
The Future of Canada's Oil and Gas Sector: Innovation, Sustainable Solutions and Economic Opportunities
Race to the Front: Tracking pan-Canadian climate progress and where we go from here
Can Canada Expand Oil and Gas Production, Build Pipelines and Keep Its Climate Change Commitments?
Climate Action Plan for New Brunswick
Greening Vehicle Manufacturing: Reducing the climate impact of producing vehicles in Canada
Armistice Day : Philip Haglung etc. : City Hall : People at Hall of Memeory
Armistice Day : Peaceniks Protest
Armistice Day : Kids playing in Phillips Square
Armistice Day : Browne Negs : City Hall Cenotaph : Silver Cross Mothers at Old City Hall etc.
Hamilton, Ont. : Rock garden
Hamilton, Ont. : Highland Games and Tattoo staged by Scottish clans and societies
Hamilton, Ont. : Can. Music League festival
Hamilton, Ont. : Air pollution detector [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Fire [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Camera trap set up in Robinson Cone Co. [copy]
Hamilton, Ont. : Can. Bank of Commerce, York and Queen : Hold up
Hamilton, Ont. : Memorial service for victims of maritime central plane crash
Hamilton, Ont. : Metro Toronto playground leaders course
Hamilton, Ont. : Old cars [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Picketers outside committee rooms of Russell Reinke [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Cerebral palsy clinic opened [not used]