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Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
[Shorncliffe] community hall and theatre
In commemoration of the 14 women killed in Montreal, December 6, 1989 button
Jean Chretien with jacket button
The Jean Team Liberal button
Map of the Dominion of Canada exclusive of northern regions, indicating main natural resources [1937]
Circonscriptions électorales fédérales 1966 [Canada] : selon la Loi sur la révision des limites des circonscriptions électorales a l’égard de Recensement décennal de 1961
Canada [1967-A]
Canada [1961-A]
The Province of Ontario, Canada
Vol. 2, no. 14
A motor tour through Canada
Prices and other statistics
question constitutionnelle
Louis Hébert
Newsmakers - Dr. R.S. Mendelsohn