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Plan of the city of Toronto [1921]
Map of the village of St. Clair Beach, County of Essex
Plan of the incorporated village of Marmora
Lloyd's map of Greater Toronto and suburbs
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1945]
Map of the City of Ottawa and vicinity
Plan showing subdivision of part of Latchford Townsite, District of Nipissing
Plan of the City of Toronto, Tracy D. Le May, city surveyor, September 27th, 1921
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs
Town of Dundas
Plan showing the town of Dundas
Town of Fort Erie as established under Regional Municipality of Niagara Act
Village of Highgate
Town of Kincardine
Plan of the Town of Niagara
Revised plan of Penetanguishene, Ontario
Borough of East York : ward map
Village of Port Stanley
Town of ~ Ville de Rockland Ontario
Schomberg, Lloydtown & area, Township of King
Town of Simcoe
Village of Sutton, County of York [1:4,800]
Village of Sutton, County of York [1:7,200]
The Village of Thedford, County of Lambton
Village of Watford
Plan of Village of Windermere, Township of Watt, District of Muskoka [South]
House numbering plan, town of Wingham Ontario
A plan of the village of Woodbridge in the County of York
Map of the city of Woodstock
Town of Petrolia