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Dog : Gypsy, and Kittens She Adopted
Dogs : Obedience Trials [not used]
Dog : Spaniel Sally with Puff Ball
Dog : Poodle Clipping [not used]
Dog and Owl [not used]
Dog : Patches : Found Budgie Bird
Dog : St. Bernard [not used]
Dog : Skip----With Rugby Ball
Dogs : Owned by Members of Cast of Music Man
Dog : Hound and Pups [not used]
Dogs : North York : Obedience Club
Dogs : Fashion [not used]
Dogs and Cat : Arriving at Malton from Hollywood [not used]
Dog : Rusty Owned by Alfred Casquenett : Pete Ward Negs Not Turned In
Dogs : Toronto Humane Society Dogs Wearing Hats
Dogs : German Shepppard [sic] Breeders : Field Trials [not used]
Dogs : Poodles at Poodle Studio
Dog : Boxer at Wheel of Car
Dog : Rabbit with Puppies
Dogs : Brunhilde and Keera Have Electrically Heated Doghouse [not used]
Dogs : Can. Poodle Assoc. Show
Dog : Captured by Humane Society [not used]
Dogs : Puppies at Humane Society [not used]
Dogs : Ridgeback Puppies Going to Caracas
Dogs : Boxer Pups With Camera : Frank Grant Negs Not Turned In
Dogs : Can. Champion Specialty Show Poodles
Dogs : Weimeraner Breaks Up Poodle Party at Lady Ellis Store
Dog : Cocker Spaniel Watched Robbery
Dog : Has Diabetes [not used]
Dogs : Dalmation etc. Re Cold Weather