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Immigrants : Italian arrivals at Union Station [not used]
Immigrants : Italian family [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
MacNeil, Rita
Photographs for Comunidade
Beatles : Used negs
Dorothy Cameron Gallery
Plan of part of the Ordnance Reserve Toronto
F. P. Lloyd's Toronto and suburbs [with provincial ridings and progressive conservative candidates]
The Toronto Harbor Commissioners waterfront conditions 1912
Plan of the City of Toronto, Tracy D. Le May, city surveyor, September 27th, 1921
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs
Map of Toronto and vicinity
Etobicoke : population base map
Public school districts, lakeshore municipalities [Etobicoke]
Borough of East York : ward map
Metropolitan Toronto : official guide... [back]
1960 proposed regional library location
Toronto Island, Ontario [West]
Toronto Island, Ontario [East]
Plan of Toronto Harbour : with the rocks, shoals & soundings thereof
Sketch of the Harbour of Toronto : to accompany a report on it made by command of His Excellency the Lt. Governor for the Information of The Mayor & Corporation
Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Canada
Toronto : plan shewing the boundaries as marked on the ground of the Military Reserve belonging to the Ordnance in the city
Map of the township of Etobicoke, in the county of York
Plan of the Town of York
Plan of the City of Toronto and suburbs : shewing new & old ward divisions
Plan of the city of Toronto, shewing proposed system of parks and boulevards to accompany Mayor McMurrich's report to council, 11th November 1882