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Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Gateway Heaton's Annual 1912
Houses on Hargrave Street
Railway Yards
Fort Garry Gate in winter with buildings in the background
Roslyn Road Residence
Elm Park Bridge
C.P.R. [Canadian Pacific Railway] Bridge
Seine [River] in St. Vital
1882 Residence at Logan [Avenue] and King [Street]
Houses [near] Lily Street and [George] Avenue
Fort Garry
Apartment block construction among old housing on Kennedy Street
The Forks from St. Boniface
King Street at City Hall
Buildings at Portage Avenue and Main Street intersection
Gospel Mission
Row residences [near the Winnipeg Transfer Railway]
Tenement building [undergoing demolition]
Edmonton St[reet]
Winter construction
Winnipeg from Tower
University of Manitoba building in the fall
Ukrainian National Co-operative Ltd. in Point Douglas
Alderman Zuken Park
CPR [Canadian Pacific Railway] Yards, [Winnipeg]
Old barn on Edmonton Street