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Andreas Papandreou - official visit
George Tzouras
Athanasios Karantonis - MD
Hunger strike - outside the American consulate
Images of modern Greece sponsored by UofT, gathering at the Greek Community Centre
Musician Aris Karoulias performing at the Trojan Horse Coffee House
George Papadatos at the Greek Community of Toronto
Achilleas Kostoulis at Trojan Horse performing the songs of Giannis Ritsos
Gathering in support of Cyprus
Arrival of Andreas Papandreou
Lampros Vasiliou singer-President-owner of Avli Coffee House
Political arches. Caloocan, Rizal
Sen. Pelaez campaigning in Nueva Ecija
UST Strikers
Sado near, Aikawa
Farm at Matsushima
Tea plantation at Pangalinan, Java, near Bandung
Woman in field near Shitsuki
Preparing the fields near Bandung
Rice planting, Kanagawa-ken
Drying pancit, Bulacan
Irrigation by hand, near Chiang Mai