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Town of Trenton [zoning]
Lloyd's map of Greater Toronto and suburbs
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1945]
Bird's eye view of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
New city map : Smiths Falls, Ontario
London military town plan [back]
Town of ~ Ville de Rockland Ontario
Street map for the Town of Renfrew, Renfrew County, Province of Ontario
[City of Toronto buildings : constructed, under construction and projected]
Plan of the Town of Tecumseh, County of Essex, Ontario
Map and street guide : Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Village of Stittsville
Schedule 'A' by-law no. ______ : zoning map of the town of Southampton
Map and street guide : Welland, Ontario, Canada
Whitby map [front]
Plan of the City and liberties of Kingston delineating severally the wards and lots, with the streets, wharves and principal buildings
Map of the City of Kingston and suburbs
Metropolitan Toronto [road map, 1965] [front]
Street guide and metropolitan map of Toronto [back]
Land use Nov. 1966 [Oak Ridges and Lake Wilcox]
Street guide and metropolitan map of Toronto [front]
Windsor military town plan [back]
Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa [back]
Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa [front]
Windsor military town plan [front]
Metropolitan Toronto [road map, 1963] [back]
A plan of the village of Woodbridge in the County of York
Metropolitan Toronto [road map, 1963] [front]
Metropolitan Toronto and Hamilton [back]
Metropolitan Toronto and Hamilton [front]