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Plan of South half of village of Oil Springs
Plan of North half of village of Oil Springs
Plan of the village of Alvinston : shewing the position of the Corporation lands
Plan of the village of Newmarket : shewing present subdivisions
Peel, Orangeville, Guelph, Elora, Fergus, Aboyne, Kinnettes
Map of part of the province of Manitoba and North West Territories shewing the Hudsons Bay Company's sections [part 2]
Map of the Township of Otonabee 1860
Whitby, circa 1867, East Whitby
1877 map of Pickering Township
Plan of the town of Barrie, Home District, U.C.
Map of the township of Markham in the County of York
[German company lands : Markham township, Ontario]
[Subdivision of German lands, Markham Township, Ontario]
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1908]
Tremaine's map of the county of York, Canada West
A map of the province of Upper Canada, describing all the new settlements, townships, etc. with the countries adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron
Plan of village of Maxville
Plan of Brampton