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Canada's Emission Trends 2014
British North America
Map of the Dominion of Canada showing the establishments of the Hudson's Bay Company, incorporated 2nd May 1670 [1941]
Map of the Dominion of Canada exclusive of northern regions, indicating main natural resources [1930]
Canada, Alaska & Greenland
H - isodynamic chart, Canada, 1965.0 (lines of equal horizontal magnetic intensity and equal annual change)
Canada [1961-B]
Canada [1962]
Canada [1967-A]
Canada [1951-A]
Canada [1954]
Canada [1966-B]
Canada [1961-A]
Canada [1955]
The Province of Ontario, Canada
Geological map of Canada [1960]
Canada's first people
Arctic regions and British America : containing all the discoveries in the Arctic seas up to 1853
What Do We Know? Reviewing the State of Knowledge on Climate, Work and Employment in Canada
Palliser Map - 1865
"New rail link divides the nation" Globe & Mail article (June 2, 1981) by Pierre Berton
Canada Physiographic Map
Prof. Brown (Guelph University)'s recommendations on prairie shelter belts - 1884
Map - Locations in 1800-1826
Prairie population distribution in 1961
[Jens Munk] - Churchill 1624
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
Paul Kane - Métis chasing buffalo 1846
"Winds conjure up dust bowl ghosts" Globe & Mail article (April 25, 1981) by Jeff Sallot
Map - Locations in 1700-1800