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Canada's Emission Trends 2014
Map of the Dominion of Canada indicating natural resources, transportation, and trade routes
British North America
Map of the Dominion of Canada
Map showing location and designation of Indian reserves in the North West Territories and the province of Quebec
Map of the Dominion of Canada showing the establishments of the Hudson's Bay Company, incorporated 2nd May 1670 [1941]
Map of the Dominion of Canada exclusive of northern regions, indicating main natural resources [1930]
Canada, Alaska & Greenland
Canada [1962]
Canada [1967-A]
Canada [1951-A]
Canada [1954]
Canada [1966-B]
Canada [1955]
The Province of Ontario, Canada
Geological map of Canada [1960]
Canada's first people
Arctic regions and British America : containing all the discoveries in the Arctic seas up to 1853
What Do We Know? Reviewing the State of Knowledge on Climate, Work and Employment in Canada
Palliser Map - 1865
"New rail link divides the nation" Globe & Mail article (June 2, 1981) by Pierre Berton
Canada Physiographic Map
Prof. Brown (Guelph University)'s recommendations on prairie shelter belts - 1884
Map - Locations in 1800-1826
Prairie population distribution in 1961
[Jens Munk] - Churchill 1624
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
Paul Kane - Métis chasing buffalo 1846
"Winds conjure up dust bowl ghosts" Globe & Mail article (April 25, 1981) by Jeff Sallot
Map - Locations in 1700-1800