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Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Wong family videos : family reunion 70
Manitoba Region 3
H.Y. Hind Print of Junction of Red [River] and Assiniboine [River].
Gateway Heaton's Annual 1912
Winnipeg in 1884
Railway Yards
Fort Garry Gate in winter with buildings in the background
Pelissiers Brewery on Red [River]
Elm Park Bridge
Wardlaw [Avenue]
C.P.R. [Canadian Pacific Railway] Bridge
[Winnipeg] C.B.D. [Commercial Business District] from Red [River]
Seine [River] in St. Vital
Winnipeg from St. Boniface
Fort Garry
The Forks from St. Boniface
Red River [College]
King Street at City Hall
Gospel Mission
Man walking on the edge of the central business district
Edmonton St[reet]
Canada Building
Wholesale Area Behind [Winnipeg] City Hall
Winnipeg from Tower
University of Manitoba building in the fall