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Chimp : Heidi : At City Hall
Deer [not used]
Dog : Rusty Owned by Alfred Casquenett : Pete Ward Negs Not Turned In
Cats : Cat Fell From 18th Storey Balcony of Don Valley Pkwy. Apartment.
Cat : Persian Kitten : See Lions--David The Lion Cub
Dogs : Rhodesian Ridgeback : See Dr. H. Hethrington
Dog : With Heart Shaped Marking on Head [not used]
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Cows : Triplet Calves [not used]
Cat [not used]
Cat : Shot by Humane Society
Dogs : Toronto Humane Society Dogs Wearing Hats
Chimpanzee : At Simpsons and Eatons [not used]
Cheetahs. [not used]
Dogs : German Shepppard [sic] Breeders : Field Trials [not used]
Dogs : Poodles at Poodle Studio
Dog : Boxer at Wheel of Car
Chimpanzee : Heidi : Judging Pix. O.R.T. Child Contest
Dog : Rabbit with Puppies
Coypus [copy]
Cattle : Cows & Bulls at Market. [not used]
Deer : With Baby : See Riverdale Park Zoo
Deer : At Haffey Conservation Area [not used]
Dogs : Brunhilde and Keera Have Electrically Heated Doghouse [not used]
Dog : English Bull /Neg used in paper removed from darkroom/
Dog : See Scarboro, Ont. Internartional All Breed Dog Show
Dogs : Can. Poodle Assoc. Show
Animals : Cats [not used]
Dogs : Dog Show [not used]
Dog : Sam, Owned by Mrs. Gordon White [not used]