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Red Cross and Telegram Staff preparing to send off Red Cross supplies
President of the University of Toronto is photographed with some of the children of Oxford University faculty members
English boy passes time on the train by viewing magazine
Tony Psaila gives his mother a huge hug on her arrival at Toronto International Airport last night
Refugees from Holland and Belgium arrive in London this morning after being bombed
America's gift to London children
War guests of the International Business Machine Co., Ltd., of Canada
Little miss being pacified by her brother
Children of Oxford University dons arrive in Connecticut
Torpedoed--and still smiling
At England's first national evacuation camp for children
U-Boat torpedoes "seavacuee" children but all are safe
Evacuation of London children
War guest visiting Ellis Island
Little tot sees New York skyscrapers
So this is New York
Refugees from Poland
A new chance for homeless refugees
Reversing the influx of Jews from European countries to Palestine
A young refugee sleeps
No music in their hearts
Children of War
Refugees flee through war-scarred Louvain
Refugees Held Aboard Ship
Red Cross supplies being loaded on plane
TCA workers load parcels into aircraft which will means so much to thousands of refugee children
Ann Ryan writing a letter home
Austrian couple and their son with Toronto host
French couple and their daughters
Reay, Mrs. Buckingham and Ian