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Telegram booths at CNE
Lorne Michaels : Comic
Leslie and Lakeshore Road : traffic
Robertson Davies
CNE : Waterski show
Robertson Davies
Taxi cabs in front of Union Station
CNE : Night rides
CNE : Waterski show
Hairdressing : Wigs
Hair styling : Mod hair ltd.
Hairdressing : Vidal Sassoon show
Hairstyles : Child models - Christmas styles. Estelle Wideman kids.
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hairstyles : Penny, Anne Marie, Jill, Christine
Toronto Dominion Tower [not used]
Toronto Dominion Tower : Raising steel for new bldg. [not used]
Toronto Dominion Bank : Queen and John : Robbery [not used]
Food : Gourmet Foods at Colonnade Gourmet Shop and Home of the Gourmet.
Food : Corn Flakes [not used]
Folio V Productions
Can. Imperial Bank of Commerce : Tower reaches 766 feet
Armistice Day
Armisitice Day : Prospect Cemetery
New City Hall Pouring Concrete
New City Hall [not used]
Caribana '70 Cruise [not used]