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Hamilton, Ont. : Fred Zagorski : Murder and suicide [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Webster Falls where three children fell
Hamilton, Ont. : Copy of architects drawing of Hamilton teachers college : Also temporary location
Halton County, Ont. : Music festival
Halls Lake, Ont.
Hamilton, Ont. : Rabies story [not used]
Halton County, Ont. : Gasoline war [not used]
Hallowe'en : Lambton-Kingsway P.S.
Hallowe'en : Corpus Christi school [not used]
Hallowe'en : Withrow Park : Kids with pumpkin
Hallowe'en : Rebecca and Jason Watts
Hamilton, Ont. : Paul McFarlane Polio story
Hamilton, Ont. : Hamilton Central students war waif adoption [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Awarded 2000 acres from TWSP of Saltfleet
Hallowe'en : Roberta Hamilton, and twins Deborah and Duncan
Hamilton, Ont. : Children of Mrs. T. Maloney rescued when home burned
Hamilton, Ont. : Children set fire to home then saved parents : Tony Lovegrove and family
Hallowe'en : Passionella Party
Hallowe'en : Razor blades etc. found in candy and apples. Gra[?] Joanne Grant.
Hallowe'en : UNICEF party
Hamilton, Ont. : Fireman injured in Hamilton fire
Hamilton, Ont. : Explosion and fire in downtown store
Hamilton, Ont. : Murder-suicide [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Hadassah Bazaar opening [copy]
Hallowe'en : Thompson house
Hallowe'en party : John Innes Centre [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Hamilton mountain where John Corin was injured in fall
Hamilton, Ont. : Boy electrocuted by high tension cable
Hamilton, Ont. : Water tower on Hamilton mountain from which Oliver Cromwell fell to death
Hamilton, Ont. [not used]