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London Palladium Show. : Arrival at Malton [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Cadet Cleaners [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Lakeshore Blvd. W. : Store Explosion
Roads : Metro roads under construction and being repaired [not used]
New City Hall [not used]
City Hall City Council Tour New City Hall
New City Hall : Cement being poured over dome
City Hall -- New : Lamport inspection
Shulman Morton Dr. Press Conference Following Dismissal [not used]
Spadina Expressway [not used]
West Indian Groups; Caribana '67
Don Mills, Ont. : Sod breaking for apartment houses : Overlea Blvd. [not used]
Caribana 67
Construction Workers : Who Escaped Tunnel Collapse [not used]
Construction Workers Picket : Strikes [not used]