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Geological and topographical map of the northern part of the Lake of the Woods and adjacent country
Map of Upper Canada shewing the proposed land agency divisions
Sketch of the Harbour of Toronto : to accompany a report on it made by command of His Excellency the Lt. Governor for the Information of The Mayor & Corporation
Plan of Toronto Harbour : with the rocks, shoals & soundings thereof
Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Canada
Plan of the City of Toronto : plan of proposed division of wards
Map shewing the route of the Montreal, Ottawa and Georgian Bay Canal, also some of the subsidiary routes branching from it
Map of part of the province of Ontario
Sketch map of the Cobalt camp [sheet 2]
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1901]
Sketch map of the Cobalt camp [sheet 1]
Scarboro [historical plan]
The Toronto Harbor Commissioners waterfront conditions 1912
Topographical plan of the city and liberties of Toronto, in the province of Canada
City of Toronto compiled from surveys made to the present date 1871
Map of Toronto and vicinity
Map 47a Algonquin Provincial Park in the District of Nipissing and the County of Haliburton [1960]
Map No 47a showing the Algonquin Provincial Park in the District of Nipissing and the County of Haliburton [1956]
Albany River cover types
Map of central Canada showing transportation and commercial development
Plan of part of the Ordnance Reserve Toronto
Province of New Brunswick
Province of Nova Scotia and part of New Brunswick
Map of the Dominion of Canada
Study plan of controlled access highway through concession V in the township of North York and Vaughan in the County of York : being part of proposed Toronto to Barrie highway
Plan of village of Maxville
Map of New Ontario
Waterfront conditions 1912, [Toronto]
[Prince Edward County]
Township of Somerville, County of Victoria