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Cats : Tom and Martha Hendrickson Cat Party
Dog : Sparks - Mascot of Hamilton Fire Dept.
Cattle [not used]
Dogs : Lassie Puppies Arrive
Cats : Centennial Cat Club Championships [not used]
Dog : Poodle [not used]
Dog : Boy and Injured Dog [not used]
Dogs : Obedience Test [not used]
Dog : Lost [not used]
Dog : Rex : Reading Comics
Cat : Cat Wearing Coat Made by Yonge Street Tailor Shop
Cattle [not used]
Dog : Dalmatian : Dudley Dupont
Cow : Being Shot [not used]
Dog : Poodle, Belonging to Mrs. Sheila Rutanen, Wearing Pants
Dog : Injured Dog [not used]
Dog : Lita : Seeing Eye Dog.
Chimp : Heidi [not used]
Dog : Police Dog Which Attacked School Teacher at Runnymede P.S.
Crocodile [copy] [not used]
Deer With Fawn : Neg Property of Albert Van
Dog : Regimental Mascot [not used]
Dimetrodon [copy]
Dogs : Squeaky
Dog : Dixie - Guarding Ballot Box
Deer : Jumps Through Window : Kingston Road [not used]
Dog : Charlie the Poodle : Lost and Found
Dog : Siberian Husky [copy] [not used]
Dog : Collie Dog, Sassy : Lost and Found [not used]
Dogs : Chihuahuas [not used]