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Dog : Carried in Bicycle Tool Kit [not used]
Dog : Sandy : Ron & Rosemary Murray with Dog -- May Be Destroyed
Cow : Brampton Lady Beacon : See Brampton, Ont. Cattle Sale
Cat : Ginger -- Has Broken Leg
Dogs : Nose Prints Being Taken
Dog : Yorkshire Terrier Having Hair Curled
Dog : And 13 Puppies [not used]
Dog : Doberman Pinscher Hellion : Attacked Baby
Chimpanzee Heidi : At Hospital For Sick Children Nurses Residence.
Deer : Deer Hit By Car [not used]
Cats : At Thorncliffe Plaza [not used]
Cat : Tabby Cat Belonging to Murder Victim, Milton Ritter
Cattle Show [not used]
Dorothy Cameron Gallery
Dorothy Cameron Gallery : Police at Gallery
Dorothy Cameron Gallery
Dorothy Cameron Gallery : Eros 65 Show
Hamilton, Ont. : Floods a Crescent Beach
Hamilton, Ont. : Canusa games [not used]
Haliburton, Ont.