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Wholesale District off Princess St[reet], Winnipeg
Grain Exchange Building
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
St. Boniface Residence
Norwood Bridge
Ontario farmstead in Darlingford
Public Safety Building
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Ralph Connor House
Old Garage
Louis Riel's Grave, Winnipeg
Tree-lined intersection west of the Manitoba Legislature
[Transcona]/C.P.R [Canadian Pacific Railway] Shops
House in Point Douglas
1883-built Roseland United Church near Kemnay
Logan [Avenue] Residence
House on Wellington Crescent
Side view of houses and sheds in Winnipeg
Buildings on Portage Avenue
St. Boniface
1892-built rural school near Katrime
Disraeli Bridge
Edmonton St[reet] Castle
[1906-built] house at 5 East Gate with snow in front yard
Across Main [Street] to W[est], Winnipeg
St. Boniface
Old university building
Point Douglas