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CNE : Kids
Mariposa Folk Festival
New Woodbine Racetrack
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Greek Macedonians : Pan Macedonians Association [not used]
Student protest : About drugs
Robertson Davies
Augusta Ave. : Women's page feature
Mariposa Festival : Maple Leaf Stadium
George Drew : Massey Hall rally
Ethnic groups : West Indies
Jackie Burroughs : Actress
Fashions : Dresses : Paper only
Mariposa Festival Maple Leaf Stadium
Toronto : North York : Hospitals : Sunnybrook Hospital
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Mariposa Centre Island [not used]
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Mariposa Festival
Regent Park : Kids demonstrating in downpour
Rugby : Argos and Saskatchewan
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Ron Evans : Telegram
Bohemian Embassy : Picketers for publicity stunt
F.L.Q. protest of Montreal five in Toronto
Malton New Woodbine Racetack : Queens Plate
CNE : Antique car show
Rugby : Argos and Ottawa
Allan Fleming : Executive art director at MacLaren Advertising co.
Lois Marshall : Queen's dinner at Ottawa